Yoomi is visiting from out of town and she wanted portraits that captured the spirit of Los Angeles in her perspective. USA is plastered with posters and she wanted to pose next to them.

Because the posters have a lot of bright colors, I recommended natural looking makeup that enhances her features. She told me she like gray tones for the eyeshadow and I put some pink hues to compliment her skin tone.

My makeup boosted her confidence and it didn't make her feel self-concious during the photo session with the photographer, TOTSPUPS, who is also based in Los Angeles, CA.

To see larger images, click on the photo. You can see how natural the makeup looks. Some photos are homage to Madonna who's album CELEBRATION drops today.

Before and after photo of Yoomi.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Model: Yoomi C.
Photo: www.TOTSPUPS.com



The photographer want to have blue light to make cold and sad image. I use accent color ROSE on lip to make mystery look.

Makeup: Mari Okumura



The makeup is for black and white headshots. Black and white photography makeup is different from color photography makeup because the colors don't show in the final photo.

She had such nice face structure, big eyes, and sexy lip so I highlighted her features with shading and contouring. I spend most of my time on her base makeup and applied little bit of eye color and lip for good measure.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
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