For this video there were 20 Asian girls but only two makeup artists. The girls come from various backgrounds and some girls have a mix of Caucasian or African American heritage so the there was an assortment of skin tones.

My biggest task here was to bring out each girl's features to make them sexy and gorgeous.

She had a natural beauty so that I didn't want to interfere her original looking. I simply followed her face line and added little highlight to accent her cheek and brighten up her eyes.

Her eyes were not quite as big as other girls, so I put more efforts to make bigger eyes on her by using powder, liner, liquid and additional lashes. She was very impressed by the makeup result and came out to be the one of the cutest girls on that day.

Believe or not, she is a mom of 2 kids! She was is such a good shape, but some wrinkles were found around her eyes so that I applied more detailed base on her. She had more experiences than other girls, and this makeup added more confidence and brought out more sexy into her works.

Makeup: Mari Okumura
Work: Asian Dime Music Video
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